Ariana Madix Sues Ex-Boyfriend Tom Sandoval amid ‘Lifetime’ movie signup

Ariana Madix files lawsuit while Tom Sandoval signs movie 

Ariana Madix sued ex-boyfriend Tom Sandoval over joint home while the bravolebrity enjoyed signing up for a new film for 2024.

In an attempt to sell their shared Los Angeles home after their 2023 breakup, Ariana Madix has filed a lawsuit.

In court paperwork that Us Weekly was able to get, Madix, 38, stated that she and Sandoval, 40, co-owners of the property, are in “discord.”

According to the petition, she claimed that the tension is “continuing to have a negative effect on the ownership” of the house and interferes with Madix’s ability to “enjoy her interest” in it.

As a result, Madix requested a judge to have the property “partitioned by sale,” which would order Sandoval to sell and split the revenue.

The lawsuit states that Madix wants “an equitable allocation of the proceeds of the sale,” along with “payment of debt secured by same and the costs of partitions.”

The Vanderpump Rules actress made it clear in her application that she opposes “a division in kind,” which would keep Madix and Sandoval as the property’s owners while one of them sells their stake. 

A division in kind “cannot legally be accomplished under the facts and circumstances present in this action,” according to Madix’s argument in the documents.

On December 21, 2023, Madix signed the request, and on Thursday, January 4, the paperwork was turned up to a Los Angeles County court.

While the star filed a lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend, Sandoval seems invested in something productive for 2024.

The Bravolebrity may replay part in his infamous cheating scandal from 2023.

Tall, Dark, and Dangerous is the title of the next film starring Sandoval, 41, which the Lifetime Movie Network revealed on Thursday, January 4.

The Valentine’s Day movie, which stars Jamie Bernadette as Alice, is about a woman who discovers that the ideal man she met on a dating app—Matthew Pohlkamp—could not be who he seems.

Fans of Vanderpump Rules might find the plot intriguing. Actually, Chris (Pohlkamp) actually takes his persona from Sandoval, his previous roommate.

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