Arnold Schwarzenegger spills beans on his success formula

Arnold Schwarzenegger spills beans on his success formula

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s mornings are not the typical ones. The bulky star shared his morning routine which kept him successful at home and job.

Delving into his early morning routine at the Town & Country Philanthropy Summit, the Escape Plan actor said, “I feel good in the morning. I get up and I feed my animals, Lulu and Whiskey, and my little pig, Chanel. I feed the dogs, then I go to the gym.”

Describing his early morning workout as “kind of like a black-and-white movie”, the 76-year-old shared that his post-workout journey to home feels like it “becomes a colored movie.

He continued, “It’s because you’re working out and having done something physical where you kind of really sweat and you train hard. [It] makes you feel good because you’ve not done something early in the morning.”

Arnold also credited his morning routine to his success in his career, along with performing his paternal duties to his children.

“These are the rules that I used in order to be successful and in order to be also successful in giving something back,” he said.

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