Birdman confronts Druski in intense footage, chain snatched

Birdman confronts Druski in video after ongoing trolling.

Surveillance footage capturing a violent confrontation between Cash Money honcho Birdman and social media sensation Druski, TMZ Hip Hop has obtained. 

The incident reportedly unfolded late Friday night at an L.A. studio, where Druski was engaged in a studio session.

The footage reveals Birdman and his associates confronting Druski in a stairwell, escalating quickly into a heated exchange. 

The tense situation sees him allegedly attempting to physically engage with Druski, resulting in a minor scuffle that sends both parties tumbling down the stairs.

As Druski and his companions make a hasty escape through the studio’s halls, the footage portrays Birdman in hot pursuit. 

The incident reportedly occurred shortly after Druski had finished filming for his reality show, Coulda Been House, suggesting that Birdman may have caught wind of the viral star’s activities.

Since its inception, Birdman has vocally disapproved of the endeavor, despite Druski’s insistence that it’s all in good humor.

The clash intensified as he, virtually and repeatedly, confronted Druski, sternly advising him to step back from the logo resemblance. 

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