Christopher Nolan breaks silence on Oppenheimer criticism

Christopher Nolan has recently broken silence after being slammed for not showing Hiroshima bombing in hit movie, Oppenheimer, released in July.

In a new interview with Variety, the director responded, “The film presents Oppenheimer’s experience subjectively. It was always my intention to rigidly stick to that.”

“Oppenheimer heard about the bombing at the same time that the rest of the world did,” continued Nolan.

Elaborating on more, the creator stated, “I wanted to show somebody who is starting to gain a clearer picture of the unintended consequences of his actions.”

“It was as much about what I don’t show as what I show,” remarked The Dark Knight Rises director.

While discussing about Oppenheimer’s blockbuster performance at the box office, Nolan mentioned, “With certain films, your timing is just right in ways that you never could have predicted.”

He told the outlet. “When you start making a film, you’re two or three years out from when it’s going to be released, so you’re trying to hit a moving target as far as the interest of the audience.”

“But sometimes you catch a wave and the story you’re telling is one people are waiting for,” added Nolan.

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