Fans want ‘more’ of Naomi Campbell’s ‘spiked’ Alexander Wang campaign

Fans want ‘more’ of Naomi Campbell’s ‘spiked’ Alexander Wang campaign

Naomi Campbell put her fans on “edge” with her new Alexander Wang campaign postings on social media.

Even though supermodel Naomi Campbell doesn’t need any recognition, she hardly resembles herself on the runway in a recent advertisement for Alexander Wang’s 2024 resort line.

The 53-year-old mother of two, sporting an edgy mullet, stood bare-bod for a single photo, her whole body encased in shimmering silver spikes.

In another, she wore a pair of pants by Alexander Wang and carried a leather purse from the brand on one shoulder.

The ad “explores and challenges the idea of ‘transformation’ through strong, powerful, and alpha women, which Naomi embodies,” per a press release from the brand.

Following Alexander Wang on Instagram, fans were praising Campbell’s appearance and clamouring for more.

“Give us more Naomi. Where are more photos,” one fan wrote, while another begged, “Post more.”

“Literally no one does it like her,” a third person wrote. A fourth chimed in, “Okayyy aunty still eating em up,” and a fifth joined, “50 WHERE, geesh.”

The model was described as a “dream” to cast by designer Wang, who was charged with sexual assault in 2020 and has since promised to “do better.” 

Wang also shared a photo of Campbell on social media with the phrase, “NEEDS NO INTRODUCTION.”

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