Jennifer Garner reveals ‘Family Switch’ BTS on social media

Jennifer Garner shares glimpses of  Family Switch on Instagram

Ben Affleck’s ex Jennifer Garner shared a set of behind the scenes moments from the sets and days of shooting her new Netflix movie Family Switch.

“Behind-the-scenes of #FamilySwitch,” she began the caption, further listing down all the behind-the-scenes she shared in the carousel number-wise.

“1. Sleep Apnea, but make it cute,” she wrote what the director would have told her while shooting the scene in the clip.

“2. @lincolnandteddy loves @ememyers,” referenced the second clip.

“3. Oliver (Pickles) is the best dog actor—the Streep of Frenchies,” she gushed about her dog in the third video.

“4. @nksolaka— for the past 23 years, Nicole has been the substance to my silly, the peanut butter to my marshmallow fluff. She is creative and sweet and tough and unremitting—in other words, one hell of a producer, business woman and, with a soul as beautiful as her pretty mug, one hell of a bestie. Seeing @lindenentertainment on the big screen makes me so proud,” she added about the fourth picture.

“5. @edhelms was in rockstar heaven with @weezer!, 6. Walker Family Forever—I love these guys! @edhelms @ememyers @bradynoon,” the actress wrote about the fifth and sixth clip.

In the seventh snap, the star again shared a scene from the sets of the movie, she wrote explaining, “7. Baby and dog were rubber and stuffed—don’t worry, we didn’t strap living creatures to ourselves while doing dangerous things!”

This again was about behind-the-scenes, “8. BTS Car Rig—the most fun.”

In the ninth and tenth snap, she praised her teammates.

“9. The Inimitable @mcgfilm, our director: everyone needs a cheerleader, bleeding heart, musical and movie moment encyclopedia, hilarious, and gracious team captain like McG. His heart is all over Family Switch and we love him for it,” she wrote.

“10. Sometimes you gotta BeReal with the one and only brilliant designer @susied310.”

“#FamilySwitch, streaming now on @netflix,” Garner concluded her post.

The synopsis of the movie says, “When family members switch bodies with each other during a rare planetary alignment, their hilarious journey to find their way back to normal will bring them closer together than they ever thought possible.”

Family Switch came out on November 30th, and is right now available for streaming on Netflix.

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