Joey Brackets has questions that will define Bracketology this season

The 2023-24 men’s college basketball season has finally tipped. Not all of the teams we ranked in the preseason edition played on Day 1, but we know more than we did 24 hours ago.

Have the new wins and losses in the columns significantly changed our 68 teams? No.

Do they give us more questions to answer? Yes.

So, Joey Brackets attempts an answer at eight of those questions, which will define Bracketology all season.

Weekly updates to the seed list begin today, and they will go all the way ’til Selection Sunday on March 17.

1. Who is the fourth No. 1 seed?

It says here that Kansas, Purdue and Duke — in an order of your liking — will separate as the three best teams in college basketball this year. On our board, that makes them the three most likely No. 1 seeds on Selection Sunday. UConn is in the fourth spot following Michigan State‘s opening night loss, but I could see any number of possibilities when all is said and done.

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