Kanye West runs after wife Bianca Censori barefoot

Kanye West runs after wife Bianca Censori barefoot

Kanye West, recently, was caught in Dubai, strutting through an opulent skyscraper in his pants.

The rapper was shown in a recent video wearing an all-black ensemble, including a top with cut-off sleeves, as he walked across a spotless white floor.

With matching black trousers, a cross-shoulder bag was draped over his back. After him, a fan called and said, “How you doing, bro? It’s a pleasure to see you. I love your music, man.”

Kanye West runs after wife Bianca Censori barefoot

With a halfhearted wave and a smile, Kanye dismissed the attention from the fans and sprinted towards the lift. The admirer called Kanye’s ungainly jog a “goofy run”.

The fans were getting closer, the doors were closing in front of the star, and he was trotting towards the lift.

Panic ensued as Donda rapper frantically looked for another lift door to open and begged for another one. After obstructing the fan’s path to the lift, security bid him farewell.

He paused opening his eyes and looked in the fan’s direction, nodding slightly as his bodyguard ran the lift for him.

As the lift doors closed, Kanye gave a ‘thumbs up’ to the security man who remained behind, indicating that he was safe to proceed.

Unlikely to accompany him on his recent international journeys has been Kanye’s wife Bianca Censori. She has been in the news for her outrageous ensembles and for getting caught in a scandalous situation involving Kanye. 

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