Matthew Perry ‘unhappy’ in final days prior to his death: Report

Matthew Perry wasn’t happy in his final days prior to his death on October 28, according to a new report. reported that his Friends co-stars and loved ones were not aware of his pain in the last days.

A source told The National Enquirer, Matthew was “committed to staying sober. But things weren’t as rosy as the picture he painted on his book tour.”

“He was miserable and depressed, despite the perception that he had turned his life around,” revealed an insider.

Source close to the late actor mentioned that he stopped alcohol and drugs, however, he started chain-smoking and found comfort in food.

Another source remarked, “Perry was embarrassed by his appearance and fizzled career and felt like he wasn’t worthy to be around his Friends co-stars.”

“While the other stars all continued to be successful and beautiful, he was sloppy and overweight,” shared an insider.

Source dished that Perry was also desperately lonely after breakup with literary manager as well as fiancée Molly Hurwitz back in June 2021.

“Matthew went to pieces,” said a source at the time. “She was the only human contact in his life, and he was planning for them to grow old together.”

Meanwhile, the outlet opened up that law enforcement sources found bottles of anxiety and depression medicine as they searched around his home following his death.

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