‘Mean Girls’ 2024 reboot flops with fans: ‘Literally no reason to remake it’

Mean Girls the Musical was based on the original 2004 movie starring Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams

The new Mean Girls movie may have gone over well with critics, but fans of the 2004 original are harder to please.

Mean Girls the musical – a remake of the 2004 movie starring Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams – hit the UK cinemas on Wednesday, 17 January.

However, fans of the original movie – often dubbed a cultural icon – questioned whether a remake was even necessary, with many coming out the theatres and taking straight to social media to voice their dislike for the movie.

“Why have they remade Mean Girls? Are we that out of ideas! The original is a classic, literally no reason to remake it,” questioned one Twitter user.

Another gave their review, “I watched the new Mean Girls last night and it was a cute attempt but it’s a no from me.”

Others expressed their disappointment in the fact that the reboot was a musical – which they did not expect.

“Why no one tell me this new mean girls is a musical? I’m about to walk out!” one cinemagoer said, while another added, “Mean girls 2 is a f***ing musical BYE I DIDNT KNOW now I’m in the theater laughing cause wtf is this.”

In fact, the movie was purposely marketed that way, as Paramount president of global marketing and distribution Marc Weinstock disclosed the reasoning to Variety: “We didn’t want to run out and say it’s a musical because people tend to treat musicals differently.”

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