Megan Fox doesn’t want new book to ‘cancel’ any ‘irrelevant’ men who hurt her

Megan Fox doesn’t want new book to ‘cancel’ any ‘irrelevant’ men who hurt her

Megan Fox didn’t mean any harm in her new poetry book.

Talking about her new book, Pretty Boys Are Poisonous, at Racket NYC on Tuesday, Fox, 37, said she never meant for the revelations about toxic past relationships to “cancel” any of the unnamed Hollywood men, per People Magazine.

In fact, she didn’t want any attention to go to any of the men who hurt her, expressing that they are simply “irrelevant.”

“For once, it should be about me,” Fox told moderator Samantha Leach, adding that she feels “frustration” over not being able to be vulnerable or honest because everything she says and does gets “picked apart.”

“I’m not trying to get anyone canceled, I’m not karma” she declared.

The Jennifer’s Body star reflected on her experience writing her book, released Tuesday, which involved re-opening old wounds from past relationships.

In fact, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles alum actually “had to pull… back” on some of her more “savage” poems as she herself was “taken aback by how much [she’s] been through.”

Still, Fox is anticipating any prepared for any backlash she might receive on her work, noting that she “can’t control how other people react” to her “art.”

“You’re never gonna cancel me because I’m not a bad person,” she said confidently.

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