Meghan Markle ‘desperate’ to make Prince Harry ‘beg’ for royal family’s forgiveness

Meghan Markle (L), King Charles (C) and Prince Harry (R)

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have reportedly been hoping for a reconciliation with the royal family in a bid to save face.

A source told Closer that the Suits actress went into ‘panic mode’ after witnessing the ‘humiliating’ scenes that unfolded during a Family Guy episode, which savagely put the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on blast.

This, as per the source, made a realisation dawn upon Meghan that their American base no longer saw them positively.

“[The Family Guy episode] made it crystal clear that the tides have turned against them in America,” the source said. 

To this, the insider claimed that Meghan hoped that Prince Harry would beg for his family’s forgiveness in hopes to save themselves from further humiliation as the pair struggled to figure out the ropes of their financial plan in America. 

“Meghan said she won’t be humiliated like this and is desperate for a solution. They’re in full panic mode,” the source said. 

“She’s told Harry that swallowing his pride and begging for his family’s forgiveness is the only way to save their brand.”

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