Meghan Markle to lay bare ‘bitter comparisons’ with Kate Middleton

Meghan Markle will reportedly reveal the ‘bitter’ side of her time in the royal family.

As per royal commentator Phil Dampier, while speaking to The Sun, the Duchess of Sussex reportedly plans to lay bare everything when detailing the troubles she faced in her upcoming memoir.

While she is predicted to not throw Queen Elizabeth II under the bus, the Suits alum may, instead, target her sister-in-law Kate Middleton, whom she reportedly was on bad terms with from the start.  

“I doubt she will directly criticise the late Queen as she knows how unpopular that will be. But she could reveal private conversations and that would be very troubling for the King, the Queen and the Prince and Princess of Wales,” Dampier said. 

“Everyone will be fascinated to hear Meghan’s take on her relationship with Kate, whether she was hostile or welcomed her from the start.”

“She probably thought she should have got equal billing and didn’t seem to appreciate from the start that she and Harry were the B team, not on the same level as William and Kate.”

“She will probably talk about comparisons that were made in the press between them and will come across as bitter.”

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