Ozzy Osbourne working on new album ?

Rockstar Ozzy Osbourne is keeping his spirits high after he is riding high from a recent surgery a few weeks ago.

The veteran musician is supposed to have returned to his UK home 10 months ago – but is still holding out even though Sharon wanted him back to their lavish family estate.

The decision also delayed their filming sessions for their new BBC reality show Home To Roost, which is focused on charting the famous family’s immigration back to the UK.

The 74-year-old singer feels music “is a key factor” keeping his spirits high. Insiders say that award-winning producer Andrew Watt, who just worked on The Rolling Stones’ hit comeback album Hackney Diamonds, is overseeing their third collaboration. Last year they earned the prestigious Grammy for Best Rock Album.

A friend of Ozzy revealed: “Ozzy is raring to go with new music. He has had a horrific year trying to get back to walking properly and pain, but the desire to make an album has been driving him forward.

“He is so excited about writing and working with Andrew. They have a real chemistry which means that they can throw ideas around and come up with bangers. Ozzy is really on a high about this work. But Andrew and he work in Los Angeles, which means he is staying put for a while to get this project done.

“He will not be going back to the UK for good at this moment. Ozzy continues to tell everyone: ‘I am f***ing going to play again’. He feels that this album and his ongoing recovery work will lead him to the stage again.”

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