Prince Harry can sue major UK newspaper for ‘gross breaches of privacy’

Prince Harry can sue major UK newspaper for ‘gross breaches of privacy’

Prince Harry got the upper hand in a trial against a prominent UK publication, where the High Court ruled in favour of the Duke of Sussex and allowed him to take the case to further trial Friday.

The British Royal can now take his claim over allegations of obtaining information illegally against The Daily Mail newspaper’s UK publishers to the courtroom.

Prince Harry is not the only one to bring legal action against Associated Newspapers Limited (ANL). Many high-profile individuals like Sir Elton John, David Furnish, Sadie Frost, Liz Hurley, and Sir Simon Hughes have done the same in the past, as per BBC.

All of them have claimed that the publisher is responsible for multiple “gross breaches of privacy.”

Claims included hiring private investigators to place listening devices inside vehicles, tapping into phone calls and unethically obtaining medical and financial information.

Associated Newspapers have refuted every accusation coming their way. Its attorneys argued at hearings in March that the accusations, which go all the way back to 1993, were made “far too late,” according to The Guardian.

The publication also reported that David Sherborne, who is representing Prince Harry and other parties, stated that each member of the group had a “compelling case” and that Associated Newspapers’ attempt to have the claims dismissed was “ambitious as it is unattractive.”

Justice Nicklin said in the 10 Nov hearing that Associated Newspapers had “not been able to deliver a knockout blow to the claims of any of these claimants.”

This ruling hints at yet another in-person court appearance of Prince Harry, after his last one in June for a different “phone hacking” case against the Mirror Group Newspapers, marking the first cross-examination of a senior royal in court since the 19th century.

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