Prince Harry getting ‘bored’ in California after calling royal return IMPOSSIBLE

Prince Harry getting ‘bored’ in California, misses being a ‘royal’ 

Prince Harry has been expected to return as a “working royal”, but the chance of the Duke’s return has been continuously denied, by the palace, and also by the Duke himself.

But now, according to a royal expert and author Tom Quinn , Harry “does miss being a working royal.”

Approximately a year ago, during an appearance with Good Morning America, Harry made his decision about his potential return to the royal life clear.

“No, I don’t think it is ever going to be possible,” Meghan Markle’s husband said bluntly.

“Even if there is an agreement, or an agreement between me and my family, there is that third party that is going to do everything stopping us going back, but making it unsurvivable,” he further denied the possibility.

But now, the prince is reportedly feeling “very bored” in California, and may want to redeem his title as a royal.

Quinn said, “Harry does miss being a working royal. Being a royal is the only thing he is trained to do and he is getting very bored in California.”

“He knows that to retain his value and the interest of the world he is better off not being a retired royal so offering to come back to help out at least reminds the world who and what he is,” the expert added

This comes after rumours that Harry is considering about helping the Royal Family during the King’s illness, resuming his duties for a short period of time, but that might not be possible.

Because, according to Quinn , “Harry knows he will never be allowed to be a permanent part-time working royal staying six months in the States and then six months in the UK.”

He further added, “The family no longer trust him and, besides, Meghan is absolutely against it. There is far too much bad blood now for it to be even a remote possibility.”

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