Prince Harry is showing the true extent of his ‘entitlement’

The Duke of Sussex is allegedly starting to show the truth of his sense of entitlement.

These claims have been issued by royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams.

He weighed in on everything in a candid converastion with the Daily Mail.

It all began once Mr Fitzwilliams said, “When he opened Parliament today, King Charles paid tribute to the late Queen. It was a historic occasion, the first time a king had opened Parliament since 1950. George V1 was ill in 1951.”

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The expert also said, “The very same day, with particularly inappropriate timing, the Sussexes are back in the news. They deny a report in the Sunday Times that they turned down an invitation to the King’s 75th birthday. Harry, an insider tells us, will reach out to his father privately.”

Not to mention, “a source has also suggested that the report was timed to distract attention away from the recent trip by King Charles and Queen Camilla to Kenya. The king certainly performed a sensitive balancing act when visiting an important ally in Africa.”

Before concluding he also hit back by saying, “The visit, however, has been regarded as a success and this attitude shows the level of the Sussexes sense of entitlement.”

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