Prince Harry says ‘grief is nothing to be ashamed’ as he achieves another milestone

Prince Harry achieves another milestone

Prince Harry has been named as global ambassador for Scotty’s Little Soldiers, a charity that helps provide emotional support for youngsters.

Nikki Scott will lead a march of 48 proud young people in London on Sunday when the royal family, veterans, service personnel and politicians gather to honor the fallen.

The Duke of Sussex has received huge praise for his support to young people who’ve lost an armed forces parent.

King Charles’s younger son, whose mother Princess Diana died when he was 12, has been a supporter since 2017 after first meeting them at an event at Buckingham Palace. 

“During what may be a particularly difficult time for you and your family, know that I am thinking of you and hoping for your Remembrance weekend to be filled with comfort, support, and shared understanding with your fellow Scotty’s members,” Harry wrote to the members this week.

“Grief is nothing to be ashamed of; it’s normal to feel sadness from loss. But don’t forget that you also deserve to feel happiness — your parent would want that, trust me,” he said.

Nikki Scott highlighted the Duke of Sussex’s involvement to help charity as she told People: “To know that someone like Prince Harry is behind us and supporting us makes you feel and that people are listening – and he is going to help to get more people to listen and get our message across.”

“It is such a positive thing for us. The fact that [Harry] was bereaved as a child and served in the military, the young people we support really resonate with him. He just really gets it, and you can feel the passion coming through when he talks and writes to us. He is so willing to help and so engaged,” added Scott. 

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