Prince William breaks away from inter-generational fear in bold move

The Duke of Sussex reportedly wants an apology from Prince Wiliam and King Charles 

Prince William is no longer giving into his constant need of self-reassurance.

The Prince of Wales recently traveled to Southeast Asia to kick off Earthshot Prize 2023 sans his wife Kate Middleton, who stayed back to help their oldest son Prince George with his exams.

Speaking to the Daily Express, body language expert Darren Stanton reflected on the future King’s “confident” conduct during his speech at the global summit of United for Wildlife.

He recounted his previous solo engagements, where he often displays “self-ressasuring gestures” to calm his anxiety, as does Prince Harry and their father King Charles.

“In terms of body language, William doesn’t tend to display as many self-reassuring gestures as he once did,” he shared.

“William and Harry both inherited self-reassurance gestures, including touching their shoulder, cufflinks or sticking their hand in their jacket, from their father.

“We didn’t see any of these gestures during his first days in Singapore, which tells me that the prince has become much more confident in his engagements and himself as a person,” Stanton explained.

“[William] is confident enough to carry himself on his own, and he’s not at a loss when Kate isn’t there,” the expert continued.

“However, you can tell he is genuinely happy to be at the event by himself. It’s a very authentic display from William,” he added. 

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