Prince William breaks King Charles’ key rule in unprecedented move

The Duke of Cambridge has plans to include a country which King Charles refuses to visit

Prince William plans to rope in China in his future plans for the Earthshot Prize in 2024, a move that has been largely seen as unprecedented.

According to the Times, the Duke of Cambridge wants to include China and India in his future plans for sustainability despite King Charles’ avoidance for China, owing his views on human rights in the country.

“Prince William believes that when it comes to the climate and the environment, Asia is critical,” the source said. 

“He’s of the view you can’t exclude a big chunk of the planet when thinking about fighting for its future.

“To fast-forward the change and impact he wants, he knows he has to engage with China and India — two of the world’s biggest economies and biggest emitters of carbon dioxide.

“This is not him commenting on government policy.

“This is about his approach to the environment and ability to create real global change.

“It is him thinking, ‘Where can I deliver impact and change not just here but around the world?’ That is his longer-term view.”

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